Wedding dance

Wedding dance is probably the most special dance for the couple. And it is not meant as much for the wedding guests as for yourselves. Often couple starts preparing the dance some months before the wedding. The aim is to improve the couple dance contact, and learn some steps or choreography so that in the actual day they don’t have to worry about the dance and they can whole heartedly enjoy it. Usually not just the actual dance but also the whole preparation process is quite a great and enjoyable adventure.

Happy Dance choreographer Liva will take care of creating the dance and teaching it to you so that you can truly enjoy a wonderful wedding dance and it’s preparation. Liva will adjust the dance style, choreography and level of difficulty  for each couple individually.

Dance preparation from A to Z:

– choice of music and dance style
– choreography creation
– teaching the actual dance
– finding the inner dancers
– training partnering and leading, following
– practical dance advices for the actual day

1 private class – 30 EUR/ hour

8 private class course – 200 EUR

Period of dance preparation varies between couples depending on their dance experience, dance style choice, readiness to practice the dance also individually etc. However, one would likely need to account for at least 4 to 8 classes to prepare the dance.

Arrange classes with your teacher Liva by E: or T: + 371 29388148.

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