Couple dances: Rumba

Rumba is the most romantic of Latin American dances, inspired by Cuban social dances. In general, steps are kept compact and the dance is danced without any rise and fall. This style is authentic, as is the use of free arms in various figures. The basic figures derive from dance moves observed in Havana in the pre-revolutionary period, and have developed their own life since then. It is easy to dance it since the suitable rhythm structure is often heard in popular music.

This course is for beginners or little experienced ones. We will teach you rumba technique and dance steps, train your rhythm feel and put much emphasis on couple dance connection (leading and following). We will prepare you to be able freely improvise and enjoy rumba.

A new course starts on January 11 and ends on March 1. Classes will take place every Friday @ 20.00 – 21.15 (8 classes).

The price for the course is  50 EUR per person. 1 class – 8 EUR per person.

Classes will take a place on Miera street 64, Room 204. (Entrance from Meness street, free parking available in the yard.)

Read more about couple dancing in the teacher’s blog: