Wedding dance

Wedding dances can be so different – starting from classical or modernly stylised Waltz, fun and vintage styled Lindy hop or Charleston, dreamy and playful contemporary, jazz dance or even a surprising shadow dance! The most important – it is YOUR dance – one that fits your style, skills, feel and story. Whether you have or don’t have any dance experience our wedding dance teacher Liva will help you to create a beautiful dance for your big day.

We offer you help from A till Z:

  • choosing music and dance style
  • creating choreography
  • teaching the dance
  • finding your inner dancer
  • strengthening the dance connection of the couple
  • practical tips for the dance performance

Both, the wedding dance itself and the preparation process can be a special and wonderful adventure for the couple. To fully enjoy it we advise to start the preparation at least two month before the wedding day. The lengths of dance preparation period can vary depending chosen dance style, dance  experience of both partners and frequency of trainings.

One private class is 60 min long and costs 25 EUR. If you have questions or want to sign up please contact Liva: T – 371 29388148, E –