Couple dances: Waltz and Rumba

From February 22 to April 12 on Fridays at 20.00 – 21.15 we invite couples to join Couple dance course: Waltz and Rumba. The course is two months long and consists of 8 classes. You will learn to feel each other better while dancing, to lead and to follow as well as the fundamentals of Rumba and Slow Waltz.

2 month course (8 classes) – 60 € per person
Introductory class – 5 € per person
Classes take place on Miera street 64. (Entrance from Meness street). Free car parking  is available in the yard.

If you have any questions, please write to or call Liva – 29388148.

If the time or dance style does not fit you, you are welcome to join Private couple dance course or group Lindy hop course.

Read more about couple dancing in the teacher’s blog:


Waltz is the oldest and most popular modern ballroom dance. It is the “king” of European or so called Standard category dances. Like all Standard category dances, Waltz is a progressive dance, meaning that dancers travel along a path known as the line of dance. It is characterised by pendulum swing movements and incorporates general elements of ballroom technique such as foot parallelism, rise and fall, contra body movement and sway. The “king of dances” acquired different national traits in different countries. Thus there appeared the English Waltz, the Hungarian Waltz, and the Waltz-Mazurka. The “Waltz” is derived from the old German word “walzen” meaning “to roll, turn”, or “to glide”.

Rumba is the most romantic of Latin American dances, inspired by Cuban social dances. In general, steps are kept compact and the dance is danced without any rise and fall. This style is authentic, as is the use of free arms in various figures. The basic figures derive from dance moves observed in Havana in the pre-revolutionary period, and have developed their own life since then. It is easy to dance it since the suitable rhythm structure is often heard in popular music.