Couple dances: Waltz

Waltz is the oldest and most popular modern ballroom dance. It is the “king” of European or so called Standard category dances. Like all Standard category dances, Waltz is a progressive dance, meaning that dancers travel along a path known as the line of dance. It is characterised by pendulum swing movements and incorporates general elements of ballroom technique such as foot parallelism, rise and fall, contra body movement and sway. The “king of dances” acquired different national traits in different countries. Thus there appeared the English Waltz, the Hungarian Waltz, and the Waltz-Mazurka. The “Waltz” is derived from the old German word “walzen” meaning “to roll, turn”, or “to glide”.

A new course for beginners will start on January 12 and end on March 2. Classes will take place every Saturday @ 10.30 – 11.45.

Address: Miera street 64, Room 204. (Entrance from Meness street, free parking available in the yard.)

The price for the course is 50 EUR per person, 1 class – 8 EUR per person. 

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