Couple dances: private course

Couple dances is like a language but instead of words we communicate through body movement. If we succeed to connect through this language we basically assure each other: I trust you, I will follow you, I will take care of you, I respect you, I am with you, I like your touch, we dance together. In the moment when we have learned the dance language as well as some practical dance steps couple dancing feels fantastic.

Taking private course delivers you some advantages. We individually adjust: dance style and dance steps, level of difficulty, speed of teaching as well as the general class focus depending on what is most necessary for the couple. Thus, you will learn more in the shorter period of time. Plus, these are usually not just dance classes but fun time together.

During these classes, you can also prepare your wedding dance.

Time and place of the classes is adjusted depending on situation. Arrange classes with your teacher Liva through E: or T: 29388148.

1 class (60 min) – 30 eur/ for couple

4 classes – 100 eur/ for couple

Read more about couple dancing in the teacher’s blog: