Couple dance dates

Dance is a wonderful way for a couple to be together and feel connected. We encourage couples to use dance for improving their connection and relationships. This will serve not just as a dance class but also as a wonderful quality time, adventure and team building event with each other. 

We will teach you how to communicate and feel each other within the dance. Also you will learn some handy combinations of our favorite dance styles to use for your next social event.

Within dance we don’t speak words. Instead we speak through touch, gesture, glance, movement. Within couple dance roles of women and men are equally important but not equal as such. How to fulfill each of the role and be together in mutually harmonic and pleasant dance? That is what we work on through these dance dates.

We will introduce you to some concrete dance styles while focusing on establishing dance connection and teaching some of the basic combinations. Also some of the dance dates will be more focused on specific theme rather than dance style.

We invite you to dance dates once per month on Fridays at 19.00 – 20.15 in Gertrudes street 8, the basement hall of St.Gertrude Old Church (entrance from the back). 

Dress code: date; also please bring comfortable shoes to change

Participation fee: 25 EUR per couple

APPLY HERE  (please specify the date of the dance date in the comment)

Dates and dance styles, spring 2022:

March 11 – Waltz

April 8 – Charleston

May 6 – Rumba

June 3 – “Unwind for the summer” date

In case of any questions contact Liva: ph. +371 29388148 or email

Also you can apply for private class in couple dancing in whatever dance style and time you choose. Price for the private class is 30 EUR per hour.

Read more about couple dancing in the teacher’s blog: