Couple dances

Join our Couple dances course with Liva and Reinis! Dance is a dimension in which a couple can talk to each other without words. That’s what the course is about. 🙂 Our aim is to improve the dance contact within the couple. We’ll teach:

  • how to lead and follow
  • how to improvise and when better not to
  • how to feel the rhythm and listen to the music
  • how to be confident on the dance floor and also help the partner to feel that
  • various dance steps and combinations that you’ll be able to use practically

This season Liva and Reinis are introducind three different couple dance styles: waltz, lindyhop and rumba. Each course will be 2 months long.

Now there is a chance to join to the following courses:

  • from March 2 on Fridays @ 18.30 – 19.45 Waltz (Slow Walz and Viennese Waltz)
  • from March 5 on Mondays @ 18.30 – 19.45 Lindyhop
  • from March 10 on Saturdays @ 11.30 – 12.45 Lindyhop (in English)

Additionally, there a closed FB group where each week we will post a summary of classes so you can better follow and remember what you learnt.

Monthly payment for classes is 60 EUR per couple, or 50 EUR per couple if you are students.

We offer also private classes and a help to create Wedding dance.